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For a perfect group getaway, explore specially designed exclusive tours for groups that our experts have put together. Choose from a variety of tours that will be perfect for your group.

Weekend Getaways

After an exhausting week at the office, if all you need is to relax, de-stress and recharge then we have the perfect escape for you. We offer a range of fun filled, exciting and relaxing short getaways which will definitely help beat the stress and rejuvenate you.


For spiritual seekers we have special pilgrimage packages which will take you to famous holy places, temples, churches, mosques and other sacred places of different religious beliefs. Go on our special tours to these numerous pilgrimage sites of various religious faiths and embark on a journey of spirituality.

College and Students' Tours

Take some time away from your studies and get out and get refreshed. Take one of our holiday tours designed perfectly to fit your summer breaks, winter and after exam holidays and have a relaxed, chilled time or if you are into adventure stuff, we have got that covered too. Get refreshed and continue your studies with a more enhanced you.

Small Breaks

Take a short break with your friends or your family for a fun filled short holiday, a relaxing summer break or an adventurous trekking trip. You just decide what you want to experience and leave the rest to us.

Women Tours

Ladies and ladies, we have a special tour packages just for you. You deserve all the time and the fun and so we bring to you an exclusive tour designed just for the ladies, filled with fun activities and leisurely time. All the accommodations, transportations and activities are well selected so you have an exciting and safe travel experience.

MICE & Corporate Tours

We understand the requirements of the corporate world and pay extra attention to each detail when we plan for tours and events for our valued clients in the corporate sector. We are well equipped and have the expertise to organise and host conferences and meetings replete with exciting, instructional and innovative experiences fit for such events.


Make a great start to your new life with your better half. Go on our romantic honeymoon tours, tailor-made to offer you the best and the most memorable honeymoon experience, and make beautiful memories. We'll take care of all the arrangements so you have all the time for just the two of you.

Seniors' Special Tour

We have a special tour designed especially for our senior citizen customers. Our packages are tailor made to provide our seniors with fun, entertainment and comfort in one of the most calming surroundings. We want them to have the best experience without having to worry about the hassles of planning and arranging a trip.

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